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Wonderful young man, with the right ideas!....My red state is being corrupted by the dreaded Teachers' Union. Parents who cannot afford private school should try to have home teachers in the areas that they live in. It is all about school choice, which we have to get back to; and when there are no more students in these liberal schools, then the evil will go away , as no one will pay their ridiculous administrators any more! Carry on!

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You wrote that parents should be weary. Trust me, they are. Especially the ones who send their children to private or publick skools. They should also be wary.

I believe it is deliberate. Moreover I believe much of it was conceived of by John Dewey, one of the most toxic influences on philosophy, education, and psychology in human history. His work is based on progressive insanity about the "managed society" and the control of thought. His work has been detrimental to education in North America, Europe, and Asia. Columbia University's teachers' college is a major nexus of the infestation of his thoughts.

Between Horace Mann and John Dewey it's a wonder there is anything left of American education. The nationalist socialist teacher unions are arguably to blame for implementing the garbage. But eliminating unions is still regarded as "bad form."

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Do you still have your original data? Copies of the YouTube uploads? If so, I’m sure many would appreciate your putting all of that up on Gab (most secure against cancellation) or Rumble.

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Unfortunately I do not. I wish I hadn't deleted the channel.

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Look into the Pritzkers.


They’ve been funding all sorts of gender-bending confusion across North America.

Conveniently for them, they also make surgical equipment and would directly benefit from a “new” class of procedures.

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Isn't the governor of Illinois one of those ugly fat disgusting Pritzker people? iirc

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