I object to the word "bureaucrat" because it sounds harmless. But it is very harmful, violent, and destructive. So I prefer bureau rat which is descriptive of the parasitical and vermin relationships involved. The bureau rat is a disease carrier. The diseases are socialist.

Yes, there are many gate keepers. They are paid to say no. They want to find reasons to refuse. And they really want people to get violent so they can call security. They are insidious, hateful, harmful, and mean spirited. They are in everyone's way and they love it. They love the power they have to hurt others.

It's much worse the longer the legislatures exist. Lawyers legislate to hurt others. We used to say that Texans would be better off if the legislature met for two months every five years. But it would be even better if it never met.

Why should it? Why change the rules? Because changing the rules benefits the parasites. Politicians are all parasites. That's why they get along so well with bureau rats.

These systems are evil. They have to be destroyed. It's pointless to pretend that productive people can live with vermin parasites.

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If you aren’t already familiar with the “Let Grow” movement, I’m sure you will be a big fan: https://letgrow.org/

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