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One of the things about propaganda is that it convinces you that you know how others are. You don't. You see the stories you are shown. Social media only puts in your feed some of the things being said and done. I don't disagree that some people are of low time preference or are willing to lie to get an "aggrieved" sub group status to get into an exclusive college. But what would you know of the people who are diligent and unassuming? Would their stories be told and if told moved into view by the narrative algorithms?

You seem to think that if the current culture fails it will be replaced by one other. Why not two thousand others? Let eight thousand million flowers bloom.

Go ahead with your choice of success. You should get used to choosing. It's how freedom is expressed.

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As I look back at most of the people from my past I think of most of them as I last saw them. Sick and suffering. Too weak to take a hike along the trails or enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Sick with every affliction of our modern society, heart disease, liver failure, diabetes, strokes and cancer among other things. I was fortunate enough to find myself early in life and not follow them down that path.

Now that I am an old man who still hikes the back country and enjoys the feeling of tiredness after a day working on my property to read this article truly makes me grateful for the series of events that lead me here. This wonderful story really hit home for me and will inspire me in my continued efforts to remain active and healthy. Thank you for the inspiration.

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Thanks for your post and peek into history's most profound thinkers/writers ...

- To get what you love, you 1st. have to do what you hate,

- Sense of duty, responsibility, etc. IS a source of happiness by itself,

- Who follows pleasure, will never know genuine satisfaction,

- Musk once said that out there is no stuff, unless you create it (or catch an occasional capibara 🤣🤣)

- Month-long desert-trips show you that Musk is right !! (not even ONE capibara !!)

- It is absolutely essential to avoid any embroilment/ties/relations/dependence on any government !!

Keep-on reading !! (and publishing) 👍👍

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The Cardinal Virtues of Fortitude, Justice, Prudence and Temperance are very important, however the Theological Virtues of Faith, Hope and Charity(self-sacrificial love) are critical because they have God as their immediate and principal object without Whom we are lost.

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