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Just completed a successful career and now phasing into retirement at seventy-seven. Attended college for a year coming to the conclusion the knowledge to be acquired faild to meet the career path envisioned. Since an early age was working summers and weekends in a manufacturing concern. Entered and completed an apprentice program. Started my own small manufacturing company. Truly enjoyed the ability to witness first hand the evolution of manufacturing. From manual machine tools to today's computer driven machining centers. Had the pleasure of knowing Joe Engleberger. To this day I ponder if he realized the impact Unimate would make on society. The project Doug , your father and you are developing is remarkable. Only criticism is to expand the meaning of "Men" to include the fairer sex. I have worked with some extremely talented machinist of the fairer sex.

A side note in your writing, try to minimize the use of "that".

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Methinks anyone who calls women the "fairer" sex probably hasn't been married before haha.

I've worked in shops with women. Many are capable of doing the job, but they always eventually bring drama with them, either from home with their children or with coworkers. I knew of a couple of female warehouse workers who were fired for fooling around sexually with coworkers. The most reliable women in the trades are usually bull-dikes, but that's only because they're pretending to be men. This is my lived experience, not my opinion.

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I never thought, like most people, I suspect, about the lost opportunity costs of simply spending years doing something that won't benefit you, let alone the significant debt it puts young people into right "out of the gate. A lot of these BS degrees are also hired by government agencies to push their agendas, essentially pressing the employee into servitude.

I advise (unsolicited usually) any young people who'll listen not to go to college unless there's a direct path to a marketable job at the end of it that pays enough to recoup that debt.

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I first met Doug in Las Vegas at a shindig put on by Mark Skousen in 2002, the Foundation for Economic Education "FEEfest" and 30th birthday party for Laissez Faire Books. A wild time. Doug is ingenious, widely read, a powerful philosopher and was already known to me as a legend in resources investing due to very positive things said about him and his books by my friend Courtney Smith. Michael van Notten was on the other side of the revolution in Suriname long ago and also had the greatest respect for Doug.

One of the reasons I was able to attend graduate school at Rice University was the founder. William Marsh Rice endowed the studies of "free white men" at his Rice Institute so they attended without fees. All tuition was fully paid. By the time I got there, men and women of all ethnic heritage and many nationalities were accepted. Tuition was charged but was still an innovation and was very low.

A main reason for choosing Columbia for my undergrad studies was a substantial academic scholarship named after John Jay of the Federalist Papers and the early USA supreme court. I was also provided an actual scholarship from the National Distillers Association through the National Merit Scholarship programme.

As a result of attending Columbia, I experienced the liminal aspects of both Spanish and black Harlem, quite a lot of crime, met many interesting people, and saw the shambles of 1950s era bomb shelters. I also got to dine with Ed Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Jascha Heifetz and about twenty other prominent people in business in NYC as part of being a Jay scholar. One of my professors in economics was a Nobel prize winning Marxist (Vickery) whose class was so bad I led a group of dozens who walked out one evening. I dropped the class immediately.

These are my experiences, not meant to endorse either way forward. Each one has choices to take. I will pass along some advice from author Robert Heinlein. He wrote a detailed essay about American education in the early 1970s iirc. I think it appears in his "Expanded Universe" collection. He lamented the destruction by Marxists of public school education. In his youth prior to ww1 he had Latin and Greek as well as French, German, and Spanish as options for language studies. He was aware of the closing off of Greek and Latin by schools and how that breaks our connexion to Christendom and European history.

But he said you can learn anywhere. You can learn important lessons from anyone if you are willing to listen to them and encourage them to tell you what they know. You can learn in any library if you have been taught to read. You can study mathematics if you have access to study guides or someone who knows how to work the problems. It's not a question of how much you pay or whether you attend a particular programme of studies. It's whether you want to learn.

The demon worshippers who want to enslave mankind include many freemasons, especially those of higher "degree." They paid Marx to write his lies. They are destroying education and even literacy because they hate humanity and they hate God. I believe they deserve eternal punishment. God's will be done. Amen.

We live in a time of spiritual wickedness. A reckoning comes. And many things, places, and people will not survive much longer. But good people will rebuild. And the galaxy is going to be open to our children and grandchildren.

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I only recently discovered Robert Heinlein. I certainly like many quotes of his that I've read. Anyone citing Heinlein is probably not an aspiring commie!

People don't like to acknowledge it typically, but you're right that there are large organized groups who are anti religion, Christian in particular, though there's also a lot of anti Jew rhetoric and scapegoating. The World Church of Satan and others who say that's okay to free yourself from that oppressive religion, so long as you hate God and do all manner of immoral acts...

This fellow, Zachary King claims to have been a high Satanic Wizard in an international Satanic cult. For anyone who's interested this is a very interesting interview with King:

[The Confessionals] 61: Zach King The Ex-Satanic High Wizard #theConfessionals


Even if you don't believe in this stuff that doesn't mean the president or other government officials don't.

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