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All we can do is lead by example. We must strive to make ourselves more honorable in this pit of perversion. Speak out openly to your children and grandchildren. When I was an instructor at a small college many students openly and admiringly told me they had never had a teacher like myself. Never sugar coat the truth and never lose your empathy. If nine out of tan adhere to a belief and you have a different belief tell the world what you believe. Do not be intimidated. Life is not all about making friends and "being kind". It is about doing the right thing to the best of our understanding and ability.

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Thanks for your post !!

It shamelessly depicts the status quo of current Western mass-societies, especially their "elites" which have evolved into top-notch scum-bags ...

How's Uruguay today ??

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Uruguay is good. Nice and quiet, nothing crazy going on here.

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Nice to read; been there '65 - '73 ...

Espero que le gusta mucho la vida de gaucho!!

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In regards to shame, I'd actually say that it's actively used today, against people with traditional American values. The concepts of "privilege", misogyny, nationalism, "climate denial", being religious, etc are all publicly shamed.

In the criminal government lockdowns of the early 2020s, shame was a cudgel used by many a "Karen" and useful idiot.

Shame is a control method to get groups of people to self police within the value structure of a society.

Shame doesn't work on people with different values.

If you find yourself on the outs of what used to be your culture, all you can do is hold yourself to self selected standards that will make you someone you'd want to be. Not all standards are equal though. The amoral litmus test for a good standard is sustainability and growth.

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I was actually bullied as a child. I was pushed, hit, kicked, shoved, and had firecrackers thrown at me. So to learn that saying words is now considered "bullying" is amusing. How the mighty have fallen.

The communists are very open about hating humanity and God and Christendom and goodness. The commie teachers allow all manner of words disparaging the target of "three minutes of hate" and the words and ideas they dislike. They are highly critical and bullying toward children all the time, but they get away with it by pretending to be teaching. Critical race theory is all about criticism and is actual bullying.

But the whole world is not magazines and spokesthings nor the feed on social media. Lots of people reject the ideology and actions of the hoax stream. Munchausen by proxy is really bad for the children of that one woman no doubt but hundreds of millions of children are going to be okay.

Civilisation will go on. It won't be led by the people who are attacking it now. God raises up new leaders every generation. Some we call "great." God provides. Praise God. Amen.

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God does provide and help those that live rightly and ask him sincerely, but the old adage is also true, that God helps those that help themselves. Placing yourself in perilous situations deliberately is "tempting God".

Sun Tzu also said not to fight your enemy when you're outnumbered and they're strong, if you're not religious.

Sometimes a tactical retreat is the most wise course of action. When Herod was slaughtering infants, Joeseph and Mary bugged out to Egypt. No shame there.

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@this beginning you pose the question of Bully. Bully is intimidation using only one facet of Will, either brute force or elegant wit. iffin using both, that is known as Leadership.

Regarding the "internal regulator 1000's of years", has not before been usurped by "The 2D Screen" in written history except Plato's cave projection. Even my octogenarian father was surprised to learn I dream in all dimensions, he does not, he "watches" dreams (which in turn shocked me & really helps explain why he & his peers are so dismissive of my relating the importance of what I experienced). This "2D Screen" has cannot smell, doesn't hug, pet, kiss, & only farts when blowing a fuse. To take 1000's of years believing in genetic override is clearly similar to believing in the lies of billions or millions of $'s or Yr's. You have about 100 years, are 1/5 through that already, everything else is history, conjecture, & projection. {even Theatre has incense to propel the vision ;^}

Yes be kind whilst being of "the kind" of people that desire a future for my heirs to mate (iffin he was still alive here). A pragmatic futurist with all technology existing as cladding if you will. I am stern. I have mourned. I have loved. I do love. I am many definitions exhibited as a man of stone, woods, springs, & winds; as well as of no uncertain faith.

(forgive me, I just realized I slipped straight into Kwoon mode =)

Conscious activity is much better than sleepwalking I concur, conscientious actions while in an out of immediate control environment is worthy. Dealing outward from the most immediate threat presumed to be spontaneous chaos. R.O.F., yelling "help me put out the fire" is a great way to end others indecisiveness due to lack of self-direction! (& perhaps very currently, "help me plow under the black ashes of the Panhandle laser attack so as to avoid a localized global warming event, you mothers & sons." *Trespassers will be put to work.* On that side note, I was unpleasantly surprised that a coup did not happen during Thursday's addresses.)

& finally, developing "a moral code" with an "ethical compass" is the joy of language wherein rests history for purposes deemed endeavors rather than best efforts.

My peers of the barrio where we grew up had with "at the end of a sword" mentality, which meant "at the end of the long arm."

Which is a splendid *Way* to not recognize the extended range of the pistol or rifle. No "mana/aura" projects out of non-"self" impelled use of force.

A facet of the problem seen regarding gun abusers in civil matters is groupthink that *they* are "projecting force." Nor are they "projecting authority". Authority stops w/an "in real life" physical barrier of flesh, yes...the Influence extends directly via aura due to personal mana.

Any reason making philosophy more complicated by attempting to argue fear into the equation perhaps ought be considered moot. Equal power men do not fear the contest, neither Will: physical or spiritual (wit).

Having been around the block in many shoes of other people, whom I like to call friends & greatly increase my respect, although not my authority w/out consensus.

Trust & many other words go into relationships, everything counterfeit to recognizing the sovereignty of an other human being returns to Fear.

It's simple.

Hard to practice, but we have our entire lives to practice until Fear is Mastered. (Perchance that is when we begin to enjoin others to master their fears? 8^)

FREEDOM is Lord by default in our code. Cherish is the new love, be well. *Seek Consensus*

May God nod to ward thee & thine! [insert ~Link~ here]

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kek. I forgot the ~Link~

what would you, @u, the reader

place as a link?

imma thinking some Sermon Jam mash-up of Dr. Francis Schaeffer (how should we then live), Lord Tolstoy (a duelist), & C.S. Lewis (not a gentleman).

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Regarding the woman with the 4 falsely labeled trans kids, I'll say that child sacrifice was common in ancient times. Ba'al worshippers would offer their first born children as burnt offerings to him. Horrible stuff, forbidden in Judaism. It seems that maybe people haven't stopped making child sacrifices...

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I call them the baby-eaters.

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