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Hey Max!

If I was you with what you’re doing, here’s what I would do:

1. Start a youtube channel and talk about what you are doing every day or at least 3 times per week for 10-20 minutes. Title them: How to train to be a man every women wants and how to succeed without college (something to that effect. Target market would be men between the ages of 16 to 30.

2. Tell people about your experiment and what you’re doing and what skills you’re going to try to learn and let them follow along with your progress. Become like a wholesome moral and ethical version of a toned down Andrew Tate showing men things they can do to be better that will improve their lives.

3. you need to get to $20,000 a month in income as quickly as possible. I just watched this video on this kid showing you how to use AI to make videos really quickly that you can post on TikTok and Instagram then have it linked back to your products or book. Watch this video and he tells you what to do for free but you could also get his program. https://youtu.be/VOxTHGyQzbA?si=CEMFif5c7w94Kj22

Find a product that relates to what you’re doing like supplements or something he tells you which websites to go to in the video. Make an affiliate partnership, and then you can make a I videos showing boys turning into men learning different skills and make quick videos and post them on TikTok and get them over to your YouTube channel to show them what you’re doing and or click on the links to get whatever products you want to affiliate with. Or write up a short book and sell it as an e-book for five or ten dollars. A book like: How to be a man women want. Or College is dead

4. Go interview Doug Casey and tell him what advice he has for young men in that age group on how to become a better high value man that can get the women an income that they want. Then have Doug make an introduction to Jeff Bewick in Acapulco, Mikkel in Panama, Joel Salatin in Virginia, Tai Lopez, Andrew Henderson, Jim Rodgers or any of other of Dougs friends.

Have him ask them if they wouldn’t mind letting you interview them for an hour or two at their location at their house and tell them about your project. Then you can interview them on advice they have for young entrepreneurs trying to come up, what businesses they recommend, cryptocurrency, what they should be doing to get the women they want, countries to visit And ways to become a better man.

Then rent a room at Airbnb’s in these different areas plan the trip go from panama and interview Mikkel who owns a business and travels the world, Andrew Henderson in Columbia, Jeff Berwick, in Acapulco, Tai Lopez, in Virginia, Joel Salatiin in Virginia or wherever, Jim Rodgers up in Canada, or anyone else they think we be good to interview.

Then I would record all these and put them upon your YouTube channel and social media. Then you can turn this whole thing that you’re doing into a course or a program and use some thing like kartra.com and turn them into modules and then you can charge people $100-$500 to go through the courses and you could sell the courses.

Then you can charge people to be part of a special Facebook group or set up your own net work of men trying to become better and learn new skills and you guys can bounce ideas off each other and organize meet ups. You could have meet ups in different areas like Mexico And you could charge people like $500 to all meet up in a certain area. There’s lots of different things you could do build a good community all around the world.

I don’t know that’s just some thoughts on some ideas I had obviously I don’t know your goals or what you’d like to do but just some thoughts. I think, interviewing all Doug’s friends, and either cheaply getting to those places like cheap flights, or even riding the bus around will give you a lot of experience or going on trains You would have a ton of good stories and experiences and you will meet a ton of cool people along the way.

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One thing that is not available in college seminars is the wisdom of experience.

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Max, I am really enjoying your writing. You are phenomenal buddy!

That is a very interesting idea. I’ve never heard from even all of the famous business gurus I listen to about documenting every major and minor accomplishment for the day. I imagine that will give you quite a bit of momentum, and I am interested in trying it out. Thanks for bringing us along on this journey and you were going to be so far ahead of me when I was your age, all we did was partying. And Tried to get with girls. Lol

Now that I’m older, I am seeing if I would’ve done what you have done I would’ve had all the girls I wanted. Lol. Keep up the good work! I am interested are you going to try to incorporate AI skills in what you’re doing? What about traveling and becoming like Doug? What cool mentors you have between him and your dad I would sit there and talk to Doug for hours if I was you.

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Tony, thank you very much!

I haven't seen a way to apply AI to what I am doing now. It certainly can be helpful, allowing you to be much more efficient in some ways. I may travel in the future, I'm sure it would be a good idea (depending on the state of the world). At the moment my only travel plans are to head back to the U.S. for a wildland firefighting job this summer.

I'm curious, what would you do in my position?

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Bang, off @ the gates. <-- dog racing joy.

However, what I'm referring to is your EMT training being a priority as I will not enter into the "care" of an ambulance|ecn, ergh, TME. However however, I have been the fastest driver category of delivery standard & I figure the only people that drive better than me as an average individual as is Doug Casey I've heard from his lips. Oh yeah: specifically combat medics. I don't use gps or even have a phone, I use maps, because I see like a drone inside my head when I look at a map from above, because I've seen or been to every single house on that map. I also make friends without getting robbed, I jokingly call it tax, yet it is voluteery tribute. Yes, I spell wrong, not often in error.

How are you? I also had an outdoor "dojo" *2 fires Kwoon*. I taught high school dropouts kung fu.

So I've heard every angst a teenage has had that they couldn't tell their dad. & I don't mean about just gals drama, left outside the kwoon [image in text] {I should let you know now, iffin this seems contrived it is not. ; ^ } Iffin you know Xirtus yet, I bet you'll find ex-cia nihlists pro future of technocracy...finally close to your level & in manner facets of culture way further advanced. As in, I know nothing at all from T.V. my entire 53(? I think =) years & not quitting something I never took as anything but a drug, even then I was outside in AZ doing the same thing as I was writing ^bove happened in VT, where I am only in heart. Only time guys could talk about gals was when a Certain Mountain Gal, Vet Tech, "wynds w/ wolves" (because the roads are primarily dirt/mud/ice8^), if she was there to chill, she reigned. She's saved everyone's animals lives. "To all the ladies who keep up the persistence well-being for us, we thank you for your service." Get it, she's a Vet Tech.

Good. That's as far as I got, EMT training...& I was in the stalls, ready to type.

[P Indicates a paragraph break. I am "Enter" shy as Minds platform, in the comments below a meme, striking "that key" is, mouse scurry to edit, while typing while thinking, & the thinking will not stop. [P


6:52 Socrates was a stutterer. SocraT.T.T.ttttt, like Socr@ w/ a stutter. Nor was he Plato. {because it causes the teheez in gals, then into heheez, then they just be all atwitter. & it's "times" not "ex", no duh.

6:57 slipping out of hands: I'd not exactly equate, make congruent, that time ill-spent is countable in terms of men/contacts that didn't get that chance. Time really has nothing to do with money, or the root of all evil.

7:00, 7:01 I sincerely hope that I'm not speaking anything ill that teenagers from 8 - 20 can read.

7:03,7:04 & be well-advised to receive tales of unwelcome experiences from other with a grain of salt.

7:04 7:07 Kwoon (now an entity that travels with me) had in VT both IRL UFC fighter, & HS State Wrestler, auto-didactic too. As well as an Aikido who had even been to the Holy Land who would only come over to teach me that I was doing fencing wrong. I also was like an authorized, Backyard Cutters, the bottles on stands, technically fancy by default. I found my UFC buddy to be much more narrowly focused than me & he bored holes into learning, becoming a specialist at each thing, he did BJJ as well.

7:14 7:15 I've learned to recognize this & this is tiered knowledge for 16+, (fine for others to prepare for) is to be aware of the "too chirpy" stuff that look like a meme without [image], Matthew Ehret has a strong take on mmhmm meditating happiness outward, many of my oarsmen & me too, prefer a stern demeanor in other men. "Quick to laugh." Means one was not already smiling. Nearly none of us are dour! Ehret's wife, a dr., agrees that men who follow written advise from astrologers or tarot readers will unwittingly make you more sneaky rather than stealthy, more brash rather than wily. [P Younger than legally adult in your neighborhood bboys can practice their stern looks at funerals rather than weep because everyone else is, except for than unapproving men. I always felt like I was a Saguaro Owl peeping out.

7:25 7:26 *If you know who you want to be, you can’t help but see the beauty in these moments of long, self-created difficulty.* As a tarot reader ages past, this is what a man should be reading: *As you are discovering new boulevards to settle your mind on impossible to want yet can not but help ignore those stridings smote envisioning the splendor of endevour's finishing tape.* The other is emasculated, inho. That just needs punctuation adjustments, maybe, yet conscientiously every quarter even re-written. @least 13 plastic milk carriers filled with 180p. 300p. 8x11 [maybe "X" means "by", probably used most that way] notebooks. others writing, collages, secret pockets, secret messages, loads of collaborative poems from Denny's dark crowd. Only added 5 in the last 10 years I first got a computer. Those are just neatly stacked 8^|

7:36 7:39 The Preparation is meant to set young men up for success. = +1

7:40. Took me 3 hours to read Putin's interrogation by the next Secretary of State. & I only took 12 notes, like here. That final portion was very fine reading for an adult. The "Anfangen" {in German, I just learned that word this morning to make a meme for Minds ;^}

7:42 JUST KIDDING...I do do that when posting places though. Underground news moves faster than networks or "commun BLECHT ities", I have neighbors. As the writer of church pograms for middle & high schoolers in a Baptist church...utterly impressed. Clappity clap CLAP! *[pom**poms]*

I won't dissect other posts, unless you blare vile darkness, in which case I am also an ax wielding Red Letters Paladin, Order of the Millstone. st. Luke 17:2 & 22:36

_Cherish is the new love, be well._

*May God nod to ward thee & thine.*

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One thing I haven't read about your journey is dating. When I was your age, girls were very high on my mind. They took up a lot of time, too.

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Yes, well I had a girlfriend up until the end of November, then I broke up with her. It wasn't until very recently that I started looking for anyone.

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