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Narcissism is at all time highs, beating envy by a nose.

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the love of spending is the Seed of all evil?

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More like "Pride comes before the fall", I think.

Most evil people throughout history had gigantic EGOs (Self important), from Stalin and Mao to serial killers and street criminals.

They either knew how society should conduct itself and how everyone should live their lives better than the people did/do, or In the case of criminals they believe that their needs outweigh everyone else's and that justifies violence, theft and all manner of criminal activity against the NPCs of the world. Especially if they feel they've been wronged in some way (insert race & class warfare rhetoric). They can't be a villain, they're the victim!

ie, The Nazis actually viewed themselves as the victims of WW1 and scapegoated the Jewish people.

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{...create, create, create...} BINGO !!!

You are 24/7/365/grave deliberately prevented from creating if you stay in the Matrix. The overlords do that for the plebes (for the overlords good ...) !!

A variety of hard- & soft skills, languages, high mental flexibility, resilience, perseverance, good morals with compassion and empathy, sense of responsibility towards yourself & others, then a certain financial independence and love of simple but clean life far away from the so-called modern mass civilization will open the doors to create whatever you dream of ... step by step by step.

Despacito, despacito ...

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dunno despacito.

con guess...the new congress. ;^}

I think what he said is "throw yourself at their door".

Return home different, iffin not home differnt, then you are ... as they say, trapped

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The human brain is not wired to acquire all the above mentioned skills by just downloading them to a computer. (Musk's Neuralink is not ready yet for Neo's flash-memories). Therefore, for the time being, we're just left with despacito, despacito.

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Keep raising your hand Max!

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just win little bro.

FUNNY: calling e'erone at grocery lil bro politely.

it caught on after two years, folk everywhere calling Scarf Scarf & me big bro.

This week...everyone's eyes...when new guy called me big brother.


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<-- had interview with NC head of FBI today, Yak's showed up & the Dirty Dozen.

question: are you his heir? No one knows.

not joking

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