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Great work Maxim. Matt and Doug

My advice to young folks.

Learn from the best

Find the best mentor in what ever field you are most interested in becoming proficient in. Preferably one on one. Go work for them for free if you have to. Focus on gaining skills not amount of pay when you are learning.

Become indispensable at every workplace. Be a team player

Play Sport. Learn how to become a team player. You naturally look for what needs to be done and do it without being asked. Contribute to the group.

Learning a skilled trade is another 4 year degree that sets you up for life and with good life skills.

Plumber, Electrician, Carpenter, Tiler, Stonemason, Bricklayer, Boat Builder, Boat Electrician, Mechanic, Refrigeration Mechanic, Rigger, Merchant Mariner. Chef

Do a proper Apprenticeship. Go to a technical Institute and learn the theory and work in the Industry.

Technical colleges are the best place to learn skills at any stage of life and a good place to network and make friends.

Be a life long learner. Don't sit still.

I am a retired Builder and Boat Builder now learning Finance in my 50s.

Find a job that you are good at so you will earn money easily. 50% of the time its just work and 50% of the time its fun. Don't expect work to be your source of happiness. Leave that for hobbies and passions.

Good luck

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What will I do? The same thing I have done since the Summer of 1980. Be a professional teacher.

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