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Nice thoughts !!

But decade-long promoted hyper-individualism (but they ALL dress, act and think the same !!!🤔🤣) and mass-transportation have entirely ripped the family-fabric in the name of the so-called "progress".

Strong family-bonds cannot be easily severed ( if at all) by government-agencies; therefore something to prevent. No need to tell you how this is performed in the US and EU ...

Current highly-appreciated "virtues" should include hyenas, vipers, spiders and skunks in their CoAs ...

that could well stand for deception, greed, envy, hatred and darkness.

Maybe in Salto, Paysandú, Tacuarembó or Durazno and vicinities there's still a chance to grow and survive with a strong family-cohesion.

All the best !!

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Plymouth Rock is still at sea level, last time I went with family there, we checked it again.

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