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There are many ways to whinge about work. One of my favourites is, "They pretend to pay us so we pretend to work."

Your examples about the choices people take are good. Some people are enthusiastic about the "old college" path and so they take on huge amounts of debt to pay the absurdly high tuition and fees.

Beyond the fact that young people are often naïve about debt and college degrees there are definitely aspects of that situation which are intentionally exploitative. Nobody seems to offer any guidance about how little market value is assigned to "gender studies" degrees by employers.

Heavily endowed universities have been raising their fees for generations. In the will of William Marsh Rice, he set forth that no tuition would be charged. Of course he also wrote the will to provide free education to "white men" and he founded the Rice Institute for scientific and engineering studies. None of that has mattered to Rice trustees so it is Rice University, it charges tuition, and it admits men and women from various ethnicities. Which just goes to show how little standing dead people have in enforcing their last will and testament.

See, the guaranteed student loan programme is a huge subsidy to the communists who manage and operate universities for the freemasons. And making debt slaves is one of their goals. Enslaving and murdering billions of people are amongst their other goals.

Trade schools offer a different path. You might want to acquire a technical skill like welding or lock picking. These are skills that are always in demand. Sewing, cooking, flying, and coding are, too.

At some point, the work of stocking shelves is going to be fully automated. I have already been in a bank with zero local tellers, only remote tellers. It's not clear how many dead end jobs are going to last.

But it is clear that the economy is a set of complex systems. And there are essential tasks that cannot be automated. The fun thing about complexity is that the failure modes are not all obvious. Discontinuities abound. And the mathematics at inflection points are really interesting. Chaos is in store for many of these systems.

Which is why I am building eighty small communities with independent physical archives of knowledge and technology. Good times. Noodle salad.

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Supposedly anyone with the will could sign up for a trade and make a pretty good income rather quickly. The problem is we’ve been brainwashed into thinking that real jobs are bad jobs.

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