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Directed action and morality lead to prosperity. Many of the conventional ways of life, the paths to success, are only meant to trap us and leave us unprepared for the future.

At this very moment I’m being used as a beta-tester for a The Preparation, a program designed for ambitious people looking for an unconventional route in life, a route of their own.

The Preparation isn’t just about what you can have, but who you can be and what you can do. For less money and a lot less time than college, you could become a competent fighter, healer, horseman and pilot. And that's not all. You'd still have time and money left over to learn to sell and know how to start your own business.

You could know how to design and build your own home. You could obtain the skills to survive in the wild and comfortably speak a second (or third) language. 

Each week I post an update on what I’ve accomplished. By doing this I’m holding myself accountable, while also trying to show other young people like myself what is possible.

-Maxim Benjamin Smith

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Documentation of my journey through "The Preparation" program developed by Doug Casey and my father.


I'm the guy that does the podcast with Doug Casey. In a past life - Founder of Royalty Exchange, a jobs portal in the late 1990’s, an ad agency, a marketing analytics business, and several niche publishing companies. I live on a ranch in Uruguay.