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Thank you. I Look forward to it.

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Where would one find information about this program?

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We are working on a book for the program at the moment. We expect the book to be published later this year.

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Much respect driver.

There is a hearty difference in leadership from the 22 year old fresh out of Univ with a proudly earned double bachelor in Fashion Design & Business Management vs. the shrewd & keen (& probably some form of gangster =) manager who outlasted all other aspirants.

No concern to you & nothing out of my ken, I had the privilege of going to county jail Monday for 33 hours. Release delayed by protesters. I haven't been to jail for 18 years. I received the full biometric f.b.i. suite & was informed that that was not customary.

I was expecting home raid to happen today, Wednesday night.

It was literally a set up. Last time in Nebraska, the arresting officer told me he was pulled from his desk job to arrest me for any reason. That time it was no head light on my BMX, which they changed to hazardous operation of a non-motorized vehicle in order for it be arrestable. No lie lil bro.

Both times (& even the time before in Arizona) there were 6 police & sheriff vehicles (AZ was 11!) & the supervisor was already there each time. They put my dog on probation for 9 days as well!

Cherish is the new love, be well.

May God nod to ward thee & thine!

(P.S. I'm not bitter. Like I noted, I knew it was going to happen, nor am I in the least concerned. Because that made "who I am" abundantly clear to any future interactions. P.P.S. I was told by old gangster inside that the "facial recognition" can also read body language specifically to determine style & belt of m.a. training, like a handwriting expert. He noticed that I studiously walked "industrial dance" & so he knew I was covering any belt level. Maybe he was being nice, psycho, or snoopy. Stay safe, industrial dancing is deliberately non-martial.)

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